Over $10m of youth soccer talent on show

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At the end of this month, the Fall soccer seasons will start around the United States. Much has been written about the success of soccer as a participation sport in America. Whether it is by dint of the perceived reduced risk of concussion injuries, the global nature of a sport in a media age or just because grass roots soccer and the professional game are getting it right at the same time this time round, soccer is booming amongst young boys and girls in America.
In the small Commonwealth of Massachusetts, there will be three main Club soccer tournaments for boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 14 over Labor Day weekend. The GPS Milan Cup, the FC Stars Cup tournament and the Aztecs Labor Day Classic. GOS have over 260 teams at their event, FC Stars approx. 256 in their Cup and the Aztecs have over 165 teams in their Classic. 685 teams.

A conservative estimate is ten players per team. 6850 players.

Another conservative estimate is that the parents of those players would pay $1,500 per year to their soccer Club for the season.

That is $10,275,000 in annual soccer fees. In just one small State. Soccer Nation.

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